Becoming one of the biggest machining companies in both Turkey and the world by using the actual technology support to the end.



Producing the “perfect qualitative parts” which is entirely suitable with our customers’ requests, which have perfect quality, no faults and no needing of denial or revision.


Quality Policy

The only way to have the perfect qualitative work result is continuously developing our working steps with our employers’ help.

We will supply our customers’ requests and the legal requirements of these requests.

We will create the most ideal working conditions in our working ambient.

We will allways support our company with the technological developments.

We will educate our employers about the developments in our work subject, we will allow & support them about their personal development.

We will be progressive; open to the improvements and revisions as managing department and we will be participant; offering ideas and supporting as employers department.

We will integrate with our suppliers for the princible objectives, and ensure their satisfaction.

We will be loyal to the recycling processes and be careful about the environmental protection in production when doing all of these subjects.



Our Products