Our company, was established in 1989 and named as “Can Makina Industrial & Trade” by our founder, Mr. Namik KAP who is a mechanical engineer. Those times we had a simple workplace; consisted of 75m² available area and 3 mechanical swiss type lathes in total. Our main theme has always been “ I have to like what i had produced, first”.

At the begining of our career, we produced parts for armateur and automotive industries but later on, in the middle of 90s, our production focus was changed to defense & shotgun industry.

Because of having machine experiments and having an engineering background, we also supported some of the biggest factories in Turkey about machine design, machine revision and repairs.

We moved to DOSB, Dudullu, İstanbul to our new workplace in year 2000. A field having 250m² of available area.  We now have a total of 10 machines for primary productions and 8 machines for secondary operations.

We have been developing our machine park since we had been established in 1989. Our latest and biggest step about this subject was purchasing a new cnc swiss type lathe; the Hanwha XD20H in year 2007.

Today, billions of parts which had been produced at our workplace, is being used by defense, automotive, medical, electrics & electronics, armateur, marble cutting and furniture industries without having any problems.





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