ImageOur company, was established in 1989 and named as “Can Makina Industrial & Trade” by our founder, Mr. Namik KAP who is a mechanical engineer. Those times we had a simple workplace; consisted of 75m² available area and 3 cam swiss type lathes in total. Our main theme has always been “ I have to like what i had produced, first”.


Our Working Principles

* We first like the part we produced dimensionally and visually.

* We supply our customers’ requests with the maximum quality, the best price and the on-time delivery.

* We work with our customers for an aim, we do not only support them by producing their parts, we also support them about R&D and engineering.

* We work with our customers in a looking-forward way; we allways have circulating volume of business with our every single customer.

* We produce sample studies for free. ( 50 Pcs max. )


Our Products